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Health First Savings Account

First of its kind health focused banking for you and your family. You can consider it as your family's health piggy bank.

Health Debit Card

A debit card which doubles up as your health passport in the health ecosystem. Are you ready to travel in style?

Health Credit

Falling short of money for your next operation? Don’t want to delay that expensive treatment? Then don’t. Opt for a Health Credit at a nominal rate.

Health Rewards

Keep spending and saving in the health ecosystem. Get rewarded for spending through your health first account.

Health CIBIL

Health Cibil is a score that is a direct cause and effect relationship of Health Expenditure and health data collected from 250 touch points of the customer’s Lifestyle, Mind, Body and Behavior.

Health Expense Tracker

Keep an eye on what you spend on in the health ecosystem and let our machines run for you to give you maximum benefits.


World’s first Health Debit Card

A health first card that has dual usage, it can be used as a debit card and a health card. As a debit card you can use this for making payments, withdrawing cash from an ATM and getting discounts on your health expenditures. As a health card you can use this card for identification in any hospital/ clinic, track your medical history and payments for better report keeping and making the healthcare journey a breeze.

Linked to your Health Ecosystem

  • Insurance Policy
  • KYC
  • Hospital Customer IDs
  • Basic Details
  • Medical History and Summary
  • Appointments
  • Pharmacy History
  • Your circle for access


Ocare Essential Package

Rs.1000 + GST

  1. Insurance
  2. Primary Care
  3. Fitness and Wellness

Ocare Basic Package

Rs.1550 + GST

  1. Insurance
  2. Primary Care
  3. Fitness and Wellness
  4. E-commerce Discount

Ocare Complete Package

Rs.3050 + GST

  1. Insurance
  2. Primary Care
  3. Fitness and Wellness
  4. E-commerce Discount


“ Finance Forward India 2020 ”

Village capital in partnership with Paypal

OcareNeo is proud be a part of Finance Forward India 2020 accelerator for promoting financial inclusion. Finance Forward program is run by Village Capital in partnership with PayPal.

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